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Amber the Calico Cat

Day 1 Post-Op: Enjoying Belly Rubs

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As Day 1 after Amber’s surgery comes to a close, I am no longer feeling any regret. It has given me a lot of hope witnessing how strong and resilient she has been! Tonight, she rolled on her back for a belly rub and purred away. It was such a sweet moment!

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2 Comments so far

  1.   jerry on November 15th, 2020          Reply

    Now THIS is the kind of milestone that we all hope for whenever a new member joins us. Amber the Amazing, you’re showing the world and your people that you critters are way stronger and more resilient than anyone ever knows until they go through something like this.

    Extra scritches and bonito flakes for you, Amber! Thanks for being a great rock star Tripawd. Smooch! Smooch!

  2.   Amanda Wellman on November 23rd, 2020          Reply

    She looks so happy – and that’s pretty impressive with a cone on!

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