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Amber the Calico Cat

Home From Surgery and on the Road to Recovery




Amber is officially home from surgery!!! YAY!!! Things seem to be going quite well so far. The surgical site was not nearly as jarring as I thought it would be. That was definitely a fear of mine. I was nervous that the I would find the surgery site hard to look at and that would project unintended negative energy towards her. The veterinarian prescribed Gabapentin every 8-12 hours and Buprenorphine every 12 hours. For now, she seems pretty comfortable. I was happy to see her eat a little canned food! I don’t expect her to be too thirsty since I am pretty sure she received IV fluids during and after the procedure. She also has pooped and peed in the litter box so that’s very exciting LOL! Right now she’s resting in her bed. I will note that she is quite wobbly still and I believe she is frustrated by this. She let out a few low, kind of groaned meows when she was hobbling around. They were the same meows she usually makes when she is frustrated so I don’t think they were indications of pain. She let out that same meow when I caught her trying to slip past me and escape the large dog cage she is staying in and I gently pushed her back in! I plan to update again on how she is doing this evening!


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  1.   wanderlustloki on November 13th, 2020          Reply

    This is wonderful news! Thinking of you both!

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